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Our products

Standup Bag with Nozzle

Packaging - Standup Bags with Nozzle

Sauce Cup and Lid

Compostable Packaging - Sauce Cup and Lid


Compostable Packaging - Plates & Bowls

Foil Rolls

Packaging - Foil Rolls


Compostable Packaging - Plates & Bowls

Quad-Seal Bag

Packaging - Quad Seal Bags

Knife Fork and Spoon

Compostable Packaging - Knife Fork and Spoon

Seedling Tray

Compostable Packaging - Seedling Tray


Compostable Packaging - Straw

Vegetable Containers

Compostable Packaging - Fruit & Vegetable Containers

Side Gusset Bag

Packaging - Side Gusset Bags

Stand-up Pouch

Packaging - Standup Bags (Doypack)

What we do

We offer tailored flexible packaging and compostable packaging solutions.

We solve your packaging troubles with our profession and experience.

We help your products quickly seize the market with an eye-catching packaging.

We devote ourselves to promote compostable packaging to be more popular in the market.